Not so silver bullet (journal)

Yesterday I accidentally destroyed my bag and the contents therein. While walking out of a business meeting I noticed that I was dripping. I thought it was the bag of amazing leftovers I was carrying, but my business partner immediately noticed that, no, the drip was coming from my bag. I had put a full bottle of water in my bag. With the lid off. Which meant that everything from the streamlined diaper bag supplies to my iPhone went for a swim. I did what any sane person would do. I dumped the contents of my bag on the floor in front of the elevator, fished out my iPhone, shoved the baby’s muslin blanket into the purse to absorb things, then dumped the soggy contents back in before heading off.

My iPhone still works. My project notebook (a Shinola notebook) is fine. Everything else, wallet, notebooks, day planner, makeup bag, was ruined. I came home and cried on my living room floor. The suede bag is also in pretty bad shape and while still functional, it looks and smells really bad. Cue more tears. I’m still debating whether or not to replace it.

I’ve always been interested in Bullet Journaling so now that my master planner is waterlogged it seems like the right time to try it out. Bullet journals are essentially justĀ  a notebook that you customize to suit your own organizational purposes. There are some general suggested guidelines, but ultimately you do what works for you and because it’s a blank book, you can tinker and tweak until you find what that is. So I figure why not? Every year I end up buying multiple planners as I try to find the perfect one so maybe this year the way to go is to just work my way through a bullet journal and find my style. It’s a little labor intensive: I’ve spent an hour setting up March, but so far I’m really liking it. I’ll just need to make sure to give myself a little time each week to prep the next. If this works? It will really help me simplify my life in that I won’t be wasting time and money on planners I’ll abandon after a few weeks.

And as for the notebook I’m using? I’m sticking with Shinola. If one can survive the great Handbag Flood of 2017 it’s worthy enough to be my planner.


Making Plans


For me Mondays are Fridays. They are the last day in my work week, but I don’t start my work day until 5pm which leaves me all day to get things done. Most Mondays do not work that way, though, which is why today I’m kicking off my “weekend” with some planning.

Before my son was born I lived and died by my planner. I was using the Passion Planner and admittedly I loved it. I had a full schedule between my full-time job as a victim’s advocate and a part-time job working at Nordstrom. Add in all of the doctor’s appointments and family committments if I didn’t have my planner nothing would get done. But having my son slowed my life down a lot. I changed my schedule and position at my full-time job. My part-time job is no more. I’m home more often during the week and in the four months since J. came into the world I’ve let myself live a somewhat unscripted life. That unscripted life has turned into piles of laundry not finished and a ton of ideas and plans, but no structure to get them done in. So today, before diving into trying to get things done, I’m coming up with a plan for the week.

I know for certain that I want to handle the clothing situation this week so I am making it a priority. My thredUP bags arrived on Friday and I have just enough of the laundry finished that I can accomplish this over the course of the week. I’m going to start with the bags of clothes I had already set aside and then go into my current dresser drawers. I don’t think that I’ll be able to contain my whole purge to my thredUP bags so the local Catholic Charities is probably going to be getting a visit from my minivan loaded with bags.

The other thing I want to accomplish this week is to get all of my Christmas decorations taken down and stored in one tub. If I accomplish the clothing I know for certain that will clear up one large storage tub that will be perfect for the Christmas decorations I’m keeping. I’d like to also set aside some to go into a garage sale I’m going to have later this year. That leads to the third thing that I’m planning this week: to have a dedicated space in the basement for the garage sale items. I think this week is the week I finally let go of an old chair that has seen some better days which will clean up the room I need for those garage sale items. That’s my first test for simplifying, getting rid of that chair.

How are you planning for your week?