Finding Time to Read

I love books. The best job I have ever had, hands down, was when I worked at Borders. If you’ve ever seen the movie Empire Records, Borders was my Empire Records. It’s an experience that I will never recover from in the best of ways. My bookshelves will also never recover. Even today, several years later, they are overly full with boxes and boxes still in the basement. I have so many books.

I don’t expect the quantity of books in my life to change much. I tried having a Kindle and I loved my Kindle Keyboard. I read so much on it, but when it spontaneously stopped working it could not be replaced with the same item. Kindle had moved beyond Keyboard. I tried reading on my iPad, and I do sometimes (particularly at night or on planes) but nothing has ever replaced the feel of a book for me. It’s something special to sit down with a book in my hand and just disappear into the words.

Lately, though, I don’t have the time to read. I know that comes from being a new mom, but I also feel like I’ve simply gotten out of the habit of reading. The piles of books stuck in corners and on shelves with no real plan or reason almost intimidate me. It’s hard to want to read when you look at your shelves and see a mess. I realized today, though, that I want to make the time to read again. I also realized that in order to make the time to read I was going to have to make the time to get my books in order. Tonight I took one book from the shelves and carried into my bedroom. The bedroom is more quiet and less cluttered than the shelves so until I can get to the books (one project at a time, after all) I will bring the books to me.

What are you reading?