About the blog:

After years of moving around an ever-increasing amount of stuff and having become a mom I realized that I had somehow lost sight of what I truly wanted out of life. Instead of being able to spend time with family, friends, and working on my creative endeavors I was consumed by dealing with my “stuff”. Cleaning, organizing, and simply trying to navigate all of the things (physical and digital) in my life was consuming so much of my time that there wasn’t room for much else. When, one afternoon, I was so overwhelmed by my belongings that I actually forgot to pack a blanket in my diaper bag for my son I knew it was time to change.

Intentional Simplicity isn’t a minimalism blog. I’m not an advocate for stripping everything down. Instead, Intentional Simplicity is about carefully evaluating your life, your things, and creating a life in balance. It’s about keeping what you love and living with what matters.

About the author:

Nicole is a writer and creative business owner living in the Kansas City area. She shares her life with her young son, her fiance, and feline overlords.